Pontiac Firebird

Cabrio / Roadster

BARNABAS, 69198 Schriesheim

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Motorleistung: 109 kW
Hubraum: 3400 ccm
Zylinder: 6
Kraftstoff: Benzin
Baujahr: 1996
Getriebe: automatic
Sitzplätze: 4
Freie Fahrt in die Umweltzonen: Ja
Tarif / Tag:
150 €*

*incl. 150 Kilometer, Mehrkilometer extra

Mindestdauer Führerscheinbesitz Mieter: 5 Jahre
Fahrzeugbeschreibung / Austattung
The Firebird is a sleek predatory looking car from a legendary brand that is sadly ended. It's low, mean looking with just enough growl to make you smile. The automatic transmission makes him ideal for cruising in style. The handling is good, the power is enough to thrill you but without going sideways! It's heart, the General motors 3.4 engine inside makes him a working class hero, a performance car that's unpretentious and fun. It's also economical enough for a long cruise without the stereotypical visits to every gas station that US cars are reputed for. I have always seen the Firebird as the ideal "first step" into the world of American muscle.

*available from 01.01.2021 - more pictures to follow*
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